5 Reasons to Stop Smoking

You are a passionate smoker and you have health problems then it’s time for you to quit tobacco. However, if your health is not a good reason to stop smoking, maybe your budget will convince you to quit tobacco. Moreover, you should know that it’s never too late to give up this habit which is the main culprit of mortality in the world. In order to inspire you, we have gathered 5 reasons to stop smoking.

You will have a longer life

Actually, when you quit smoking you will gain a new sense of life. Everybody knows that smoking is the most negative thing you can do to your body. Nowadays, about half of all smokers can die of a smoking-related disease such as cancer, lung disease, heart disease and other illnesses. Moreover, tobacco will link to 15 different forms of cancer. On the other hand, regarding the age, it’s never too late to quit smoking. Some researchers noticed that female smokers lose almost 14,5 years of life due to smoking, while male smokers lose 13,2 years of life.

Smelling like smoke

For most smokers, the smell is not a big problem, because they are used to it, but for people who don’t smoke, the smell of your cigarette is very unpleasant. Moreover, the bad breath, the yellow teeth, and fingers are a problem for most smokers. These days, most media campaigns compared kissing a smoker to licking an ashtray. If you are a smoker, you are already conscious about the smell of smoke in your hair or on your clothes. On the other hand, smokers don’t feel the smell and the taste of many foods as strongly as they did before start smoking. In fact, tobacco diminishes the sense of smell and the ability to taste, because the cigarette smoke is toxic to the senses. However, if you quit tobacco, your senses will return. There were many smokers who have quit cigarettes and when they felt the taste of the food was a totally different experience.

Saving money

Nowadays, tobacco is very expensive and an average smoker spends a lot of tobacco use per year. Everyone knows that a packet of a cigarette varies by location, but even so, the average cost is from 5 dollars per pack up to 10 dollars per pack. As such, in one year you will spend about 3000 dollars. However, if you are a one pack per day smoker, you can save this money and use them for other purposes.

Protect your family and friends

You should know that if you are a smoker, you won’t just take yourself down. Tobacco is also harming for everyone exposed to your smoke. If you do some research, you will notice that ”secondhand smoke” kills a lot of people, especially children. Moreover, the pregnant women shouldn’t live in the same house with a smoker, because they will have a higher risk of stillbirth than women who are living far away from tobacco smell. Furthermore, kids in smokers’ homes suffer more infections, bronchitis, breathing problems and colds than children in smoke-free homes. As such, if you are a smoker, try to protect your family and friends from your cigarettes smoke.

Body recovery

When you quit smoking, you need to know that your body will start to repair itself. You will get your strength back and your blood pressure and heart rate will drop immediately. This way your ability to breathe will improve dramatically. Moreover, by quitting tobacco, you will look better, because smoking cause wrinkles, stains your fingers, teeth and cause your bad breath.


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