Common Causes of Eyelash Loss

Long, thick, and curved eyelashes are a precious beauty asset that every woman appreciates having but not all of them enjoy this wonderful privilege. Besides not having rich lashes, women can also lose the ones they have and this is a major concern because it not only affects one’s beauty but can also be the sign of a serious health issue. Eyelash loss has many causes and you will find out more about the most common ones as well as the best remedy from the following lines.

You suffer from a health condition

Severe hair loss that also involves losing your lashes can be called by a health condition called Alopecia Areata, a disease that affects the immune system and makes your hair fall. Problems with your thyroid gland can also make your eyelashes fall, as well as blepharitis, a condition that makes the eyelids swell and become irritated.

You often apply false lashes

One habit that can make your natural eyelashes fall is applying false lashes regularly. This process involves using a glue that sticks to the base of the lashes and affects the root of your natural lashes. When you remove the false lashes, the glue also takes away some of your natural lashes and breaks several more. Lash extensions are also dangerous if not applied by a professional and taken care properly.

You don’t remove your makeup

Many women lose their natural eyelashes because they don’t remove their makeup every night before going to bed. If you leave mascara on your lashes, it will cause them to break and fall and you might weak up in the morning with fewer lashes. This is why it’s so important to remove any sign of makeup before going to bed so your lashes will no the suffocated and broken by the mascara coating.

You treat your lashes too harsh

The way you handle your lashes is also important in maintaining them strong and rich. If you pull from the lashes when trying to remove the mascara, it is as bad and not removing it at all. The lashes are thin and sensitive and must be handled with extra care so they won’t break and fall. Grab the lashes between a cotton pad and slowly rub the mascara off using plenty of eye makeup remover.

The solution to eyelash loss

Regardless the cause, eyelash loss can be easily treated with the right product that will encourage the lashes to grow and to become stronger. We are referring to the lash growth serum, a combination of beneficial ingredients that nourish the lashes and makes them stronger so they won’t keep falling. You can buy a lash growth serum that contains vitamins and nutrients that take good care of your lashes, like the Lattise serum. Or, you can make your own at home using oils like castor oil, almond oil or olive oil combined with vitamin capsules. Castor oil has great beneficial properties that nourish the hair and prevent it from falling.

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