Common Foods that Can Be Dangerous When Reheated in the Microwave

Many of us use the microwave oven in order to reheat the leftovers, but maybe not all of us know the truth about reheating some of our favorite foods. Therefore, in case you think about eating the dinner from last night, you may first consider what foods does it contain and then decide if it’s all right to reheat it in the microwave. According to some studies, there are some foods that can give food poisoning or worse if they are reheated and stored improperly. Let’s see which are the most common foods that can turn out to be dangerous for our health.


Reheating eggs after they were fried or boiled can make them toxic which can cause you digestive problems. This is why you should avoid expose them to heat for more than once.


If you let the potatoes cool down at room temperature, they can develop¬† the growth of botulism, which is a rare and dangerous bacteria. Instead, you should refrigerate them immediately so that you don’t have any troubles when you reheat them. Nevertheless, if possible, you should avoid reheating them in the microwave.


Mushrooms can cause serious digestive and heart problems if they are reheated. For this reason, they should be eaten right after they are prepared. Because the proteins can deteriorate immediately after they are cut down, the best thing to do is to buy the exact amount you need in order to prepare your meal and to avoid leaving anything for the next day.


Due to the fact that celery has a high nitrate content, it can easily become toxic if you reheat it. Therefore, whenever you heat the celery for the second time, the nitrates turn into nitrites, which is bad for your health. Since the celery is mainly used for preparing soups, you should try to prepare soup just for one meal or if you want to reheat it, you can remove the celery before doing that.

Chicken meat

Just like mushrooms, chicken meat has in its compositions proteins and when it’s reheated the proteins are negatively affected. This is why chicken meat should be eaten cold, in a salad or in a cold sandwich. Nevertheless, if you really want to reheat it, you can do that by heating the meat at a low temperature for a longer time.


The main problem with the rice is that it can contain spores of bacteria which multiply when it’s left at the room temperature. Reheating the rice surely won’t kill the spores, this is why, if you really want to reheat it, you should first store it properly.


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