Common Health Problems Seniors Have to Deal With

With age, people’s health becomes more fragile and they are affected by a series of diseases that are common for a certain age. While some of them are imminent and it’s hard to prevent them, others can be easily treated as long as the awareness of them is risen. Therefore, knowing which are the common health problems of seniors could help them lead a healthier life.


This disease is one of the most dangerous for seniors because it poses a risk to their life if it gets too complicated. It is caused by increased blood sugar levels and the first symptoms are excessive thirst and frequent urination followed by blurred vision, fatigue, and weight problems. The biggest danger of diabetes is that it can cause other serious health problems like kidney failure, vision loss, infections, and even nerve damage to the brain.

Prostate cancer

Old men often suffer from prostate cancer without even knowing it and they can die and not know about having this condition. This is because it develops slowly and doesn’t have a rough start or progress as other types of cancer. The prostate controls the urine and as the prostate is affected, men develop incontinence, which is one of the main signs of this cancer.


This disease affects the joints of seniors over 65 years old who start to lose their mobility and flexibility. They experience painful and stiff joints that keep them from walking normally or grabbing things normally and their life quality is severely lowered by this painful health problem.

Memory loss

Seniors tend to forget things faster than others because their brain loses its sharpness and the nerves no longer function properly. Mild cases of memory loss are not very concerning but more severe cases may lead to Alzheimer, a severe disease that affects the nervous system of seniors and usually starts with memory loss. People with Alzheimer cases in their family should be more careful and see a doctor as they age.

Poor blood circulation

The gradual loss of mobility and the fact that the vessels become more fragile can cause poor blood circulation in seniors. With age, blood vessels become narrower and no longer send blood to the extremities, especially the legs. This causes a change of color in the legs, the feeling of cold feet, numbness in the legs, and even pain and cramps.

Heart problems

The heart is the main concern of seniors because it becomes more fragile as they age. Poor blood circulation, increased cholesterol levels, the lack of exercise, or other health problems can affect the heart. Most seniors suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as blocked arteries or increased blood pressure and need to take extra care of their heart in order to prevent a heart attack.

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