Common Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance

Instead of wasting time and further damaging your health by waiting to be diagnosed with gluten intolerance, it’s better to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of this intolerance. This way you will be able to figure out if you can consume gluten or not on your own. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. If you want to find out if you are intolerant to gluten or not, read the following lines to find out which are the common symptoms that come with this intolerance.

Digestive problems

Gluten intolerance is strongly connected to many digestive issues. If you suffer from gluten intolerance, you will experience cramping, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, or bloating after consuming foods that contain gluten. Also, you might get nauseous after eating these foods. If this is the case with you, replace the recipe that you used when preparing bread, with a gluten-free bread recipe. For an easy way to make bread at home, consider a bread machine. You can find many affordable machines on the market, but keep in mind that they are not all suited for preparing gluten-free bread. Before buying such a machine, we advise you to do some research on the BreadMachineMom site, where you will find everything that you need to know about the best bread makers of the moment.

Loss of attention

If you are gluten intolerant and you continue to consume foods that contain gluten, you will make your body work hard to remove the harmful substance. This means that you will drain your body of energy uselessly. As the body wastes energy on gluten, you will feel your brain foggy and you will start experiencing severe loss of attention.

Chronic fatigue

In case that you lead a healthy lifestyle, exercising daily, eating healthy meals, and sleeping 8 hours every night, but you still feel tired constantly, you might be gluten intolerant. As we have already mentioned, if you consume gluten as a gluten intolerant person, you force your body to waste a lot of energy to remove this substance. Ultimately, this leads to a constant lack of energy.

Keratosis pilaris

A clear indicator of the fact that you are gluten intolerant is the appearance of keratosis pilaris. This is a skin condition that appears as hard, raised bumps on the skin. While it might not be a harmful skin condition, it helps indicate that you have this tolerance. If you had keratosis pilaris in the past, or if you will be confronted with it in the future, make sure that you use the bread maker to prepare gluten-free bread from now on.

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