Effective Ways to Lower Your BMI

BMI, or body mass index, measures the ratio of your weight to your height. It does this in order to establish if you are obese, overweight, normal weight or underweight. In case that you have a high BMI, meaning that you are obese or overweight, we recommend that you continue to read this article to find out which are the effective ways to lower your BMI. By applying what you learn here, you will live healthier and longer.

Make smart diet choices

In order to lower your BMI, it’s clear that you must lose weight. To do this effectively, you have to make certain changes in your diet. By making smart diet choices, nourishing your body with minerals and vitamins, you will not only lower your BMI, but you will boost your metabolism as well. First off, you must eliminate fat from your diet. Also, make sure that your diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, and protein. To lower your BMI fast, we advise you to grill your food. By using the gas grill to prepare your food, you ensure that it won’t contain fat. Also, if you prepare the food on the gas grill, you better preserve the healthy nutrients that it has to offer.

Exercise daily

Of course, you won’t be able to lower your BMI without regular exercise. Working out on a daily basis is an incredibly effective way to lose weight, lower the BMI, keep your body in shape, and maintain an overall good health. If you haven’t been active in a long time, take it easy at first. Start by doing light cardio exercises for 15-20 minutes every day. As your body gets accustomed to your new exercise schedule, turn to more difficult exercises and increase the duration of your workout to at least 30 minutes.

Use the Omron HBF 306C body fat analyzer to keep track of your BMI

To make sure that you are actually getting results with your exercise and diet change, use the Omron HBF 306C body fat analyzer to keep track of your body mass index. This handheld body fat analyzer comes at the price of around $50. In addition to displaying your body mass index, this model displays body fat as well. Also, it can store up to 9 different profiles at once, which means that your family can use it without interfering with your results.

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