How to Stay Away from Allergies in Peak Season

Removing the allergens outdoors is out of your lead because you can’t control the flowers or the pollen wandering through the air but you can control the amounts of allergens you get in contact with. For this, you must master some safety tips that can help you limit your contact with allergy triggers that could worsen your symptoms. Allergy sufferers should keep reading this if they want to stay away from allergies in peak season.

Keep pollen at distance

Although an outdoor allergen, pollen can easily get inside your house through an open window or on your clothes every time you come inside. To prevent this, don’t open the windows widely in the morning when pollen levels are very high and always change your clothes when you come from outside. Avoid sleeping with the clothes on and wash your hands and hair very well to get rid of the pollen you might collect while outside.

Don’t bring flowers indoors

Although flowers are gorgeous and you would love to have many vases around the house, resist the temptation because they will cause you an allergy attack. If you are sensitive to seasonal allergies, flowers will worsen your symptoms so you shouldn’t bring them indoors because they will release a lot of pollen.

Take good care of your pets

Pet hair and pet dander are two of the most common and dangerous allergens found indoors. Many pet lovers suffer from allergies but this doesn’t keep them from having a pet as long as they know how to take care of them. First of all, pets should be kept very clean in order to eliminate shedding hair and pet dander that gets into the air. Second, they should stay away from soft fabrics that collect hair like the upholstery, the carpets or the curtains. If your pets spend a lot of time outdoors, they are likely to bring allergens indoors so wash them very well before allowing them to enter the house.

Don’t mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn is a real issue for allergy sufferers because the grass is a severe trigger and any contact with it could cause an allergy attack. If you experience allergy symptoms when you mow the lawn, ask someone else to do this for you even if you are using a good lawn mower with a collecting bag. Any gardening activity should be canceled in peak allergy season.

Clean the air

Last, but not least, pay attention to the indoor air quality that influences how you handle your allergies in peak season. Many allergens travel through the air and an air purifier could be your only chance to get rid of them. Place an air purifier in the bedroom or in the living room and let it absorb all the air particles from dust to pet hair to household odors to gas emissions.

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