The Pros and Cons of Appetite Suppressants

Unfortunately, the number of overweight or obese people is growing at an alarming pace. One of the main culprits of the worrying number of people who have an unhealthy, large weight is overeating. With all the delicious food – especially junk food – out there, this number doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon as more and more people fall prey to overindulging.

As a result of this issue, the diet industry in the US has flourished now more than ever, profits growing at a fast pace. Among all the different types of dieting products existent on the market, appetite suppressants have rounded up the biggest following as they promise a more realistic result. Learn more about these pills and find out all of their pros and cons by reading the rest of this article.

What Are Appetite Suppressants?

Appetite suppressants are pills that help people cut down on their food cravings. As the appetite is toned down, not only will it be easier for that person to go back to a normal, healthy weight, but the process of gaining weight will stop as well. The theory behind these pills is quite an effective one as normally, when you don’t feel hunger anymore, you stop thinking about food and you stop consuming it as well. Thus, you are more likely to reach your goal and look better while leading a healthier lifestyle.

Pro #1 – Fast Weight Loss Results

When you try to cut back on the extra pounds, you tend to give up on your quest when you see that results aren’t appearing as fast as you have hoped they would. Studies have been done on appetite suppressants, all of the studies showing the same results – people have experienced notable body mass decreases. This certainty that the pills will deliver the promised effect doesn’t only help people stay on track as they see themselves approaching their goal, but it helps them feel better about themselves and their bodies.

Pro #2 – Raised Metabolism Rates

High-quality appetite suppressants can raise the consumer’s metabolism rate and keep it that way throughout the day. A raised metabolism translates to more calories being burned naturally, without you being required to be active. Just know that this isn’t mandatory for everyone – some will experience a higher calorie burn rate, while others won’t notice any major changes except for a reduced appetite.

Pro #3 – Energy Boost

To achieve appetite suppression, stimulants are needed. With these pills, caffeine is the stimulant generally used. Thus, you won’t only feel less hunger, but you will have more energy throughout the day as well. Your productivity will rise, you will feel more inclined to be active and do sports, and your overall mood will improve as a result of the caffeine intake provided by the pills.

Pro #4 – Accessible and Affordable

When talking about any type of pill, accessibility and affordability are two of the major factors to take into consideration. Fortunately, as we have previously mentioned, the diet industry is continuously expanding these days, so you won’t have any trouble purchasing appetite suppressive pills. They can be found in many pharmacies, drug stores, and you can just as well order them online. When it comes to their pricing, it ranges from a few dollars to tens of dollars depending on the specific product that you’re interested in. Short version – you will find the right pills for your budget in no time.

Con #1 – Potential Side Effects

Unfortunately, what scares people the most when it comes to consuming suppressants is the fact that there are a lot of cases where unpleasant and sometimes downright dangerous side effects have appeared. Even FDA approved pills come with their own set of potential side effects, so there’s no wonder to the fact that some are discouraged to take them. The most common side effect with these pills is the fact that bowel movements change, discomfort and pain appearing. Other common side effects include a rapid heartbeat, formation of gallstones, and even the inflammation of the gallbladder.

Con #2 – Insomnia

As previously mentioned, caffeine is a common ingredient in appetite suppressants. This ingredient might give the consumer a pleasant energy boost, but when the pill is taken at late hours of the day, it translates to the appearance of insomnia. Seeing how the life of caffeine in the body and the lifespan of similar stimulants is over 10 hours, it’s best to take the pills in the morning to make sure that the effects wear off until the late hours of the evening.

Con #3 – Boomerang Effect

A common problem that many consumers of appetite suppressive pills have been confronted with is the dreadful boomerang effect. What it means is that after the rather rapid weight loss, in less than 1-2 years, the extra pounds that they have shed make a comeback. In really unfortunate cases, even more, weight is gained. On the bright side, you can eradicate this side effect if you lead a healthy lifestyle once you stop taking the pills. Just make sure that you consume healthy foods and that you exercise regularly, and you will maintain your ideal body weight with ease.

Conclusion – Is It Ok to Take Appetite Suppression Pills?

As you have already understood by reading the rest of our article, suppressants come with some important benefits, actually providing what they promise, which is to help cut down on your food cravings. Of course, there are potential side effects to take into consideration, but as long as you make sure to consume a suppressant that is FDA approved and if you don’t cheap out, spectacular results will ensue without any health issues appearing. We still recommend that you check with your doctor to see if it’s ok for you to take the pills or not. Also, make sure that you follow the instructions that come with these suppressants to avoid insomnia or other unpleasant outcomes.


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